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Children's OT FAQs

Why Occupational Therapy and not Physiotherapy?

There are some similarities between the work of Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Physiotherapists, and health workers from both professions do work together to support young people.  Occupational Therapists tend to support you with the more practical side of your needs such as the way you play, dress, feed yourself and to make sure you can do the activities that you like to carry out.

Why Occupational Therapy and not Psychology?

Occupational therapy and psychology do overlap as both are concerned with your emotions and the way you behave.  However Occupational Therapists are more activity-based and can work with you using play therapy, cooking, creative work or group work to help support you.

How much therapy can we have and what do we do if we need more?

All young people will have an assessment at first and then the occupational therapist can plan how many sessions that you would need after that.

Can you see me at school?

Yes, if this is needed.

I need special equipment – where do I go to get this?

Your occupational therapist will let you know about this. If you are not known to us services such as the DLF (Disability Living Foundation) at may be able to help you.

I need my home (or school) to be adapted to help me manage

We can make suggestions around making adaptions in school and at home and Social Care OT’s can follow up on these recommendations.

How are Community Health OT's different to Social Care OT's

Social Care Occupational Therapists look at assessing home equipment and adaptations. Both services aim to increase a child or young person's independence and ability to confidently manage their illness or disability. Community health OT’s concentrate on the issues causing a child or young person difficulty and if appropriate provide therapy or strategies to reduce the difficulties.

Social Care Occupational Therapists are responsible for assessing if  home equipment and adaptations are needed and where appropriate providing the equipment and adaptations. Health OT’s may refer to Social Care OT’s for help with equipment or home adaptations.