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Children's SLT FAQs

Does my child need to see a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT)?

It is often difficult for parents to know when they should be concerned and when to refer their child because all children are different. Communication milestones can be used to identify a child's progress and there is a wide variation that can be considered 'normal'. Please seek advice from your child's school/pre-school, health visitor or GP to see if they feel that a specialist assessment is needed.

What do I need to bring to the first Speech and Language Therapy appointment?

The Speech and Language Therapist will talk to you about your child’s speech and language skills. They may also ask about other areas of your child’s development. If your child is talking, please try to bring a list of the words/sentences your child is using. 

What can I do to help my child while I’m waiting for my Speech and Language Therapy appointment?

Look at the Useful Links section for more information on speech, language and communication difficulties and how to help your child. You could also visit your local childrens centre and enquire about any communication groups.