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Return of Paediatric Advice Service for Bristol and South Gloucestershire GPs

Return of Paediatric Advice Service for Bristol and South Gloucestershire GPs

The Community Children's Health Partnershp (CCHP) is pleased to advise that Doctor David Capehorn will be re-launching the Paediatric Advice Service to GPs within the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area.

Dr Capehorn, Clinical Director of the Paediatric Primary Care Service (GPSI), has extensive experience in paediatric medicine and will be assisted by other experienced GPs.

The aim of this service is to support GPs within the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area to effectively manage children’s acute and long term healthcare conditions in a primary care setting. The team offers expert clinical advice and, where appropriate, provides a see-and-treat service within the community.

The service can be used to get advice on a child you are considering referring to secondary care outpatient services. GPs can send their proposed referral letter, or an e-mail describing the reason why you think a referral is needed, to:

Dr Capehorn will review the e-mail and respond with advice including:

  • Recommendations on how best to manage the child in primary care
  • Recommendations for additional diagnostics or treatment before referral
  • Recommendations on the best referral route into secondary care, if this is required

Service objectives:

  • To build skills, confidence and paediatric knowledge in the GP workforce, and to support the development of best clinical practice
  • To support GP management of children with long term conditions
  • To contribute to the development and promotion of local paediatric clinical guidelines
  • To improve the working relationship between primary and secondary care through improved access to evidence based practice, research and development

The service model has demonstrated the potential to improve service quality for patients and reduce outpatient referrals for a wide range of conditions.

Please note: All e-mails will usually be answered within 72 working hours. Responsibility for making the referral to secondary care remains with the GP who has seen the child.


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