South Glos School Nurses EMIS launches today

As part of our ongoing drive to offer the best possible care to all our service users we are rolling out EMIS to our school nursing teams in both South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

We are taking a phased approach to this change and the South Glos element of this happens today.

The move to this cloud-based electronic systems is another step forward for our provision of Children’s Services across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Stephanie Stallard, Digital Programme Manager, is leading the project. She said: “This is an important step forward for our provision of nursing services in schools.

“The change will benefit our service users, by ensuring their records are accessible, as appropriate, across our Children’s Services and clinicians in our partner organisations.

“We strive to ensure we offer the same level of service to everyone we meet in our professional lives, as we would want our own family to receive.

“This step forward to using electronic records for school nurses will enhance our ability to deliver this high level of care.”

Our Bristol school nurses will make the move to EMIS on November 15.


South Glos School Nurses EMIS launches today