Be Safe Referral

If you have a child/young person you believe may be eligible for our intervention programme please follow the following referral process:

  1. Ensure you have consent from the child/young person’s parent/carer
  2. Speak with the Be safe Children’s Team
  3. Complete a referral form and provide background papers
  4. Ensure there is an appropriate safety plan in place
  5. Attend multi-agency planning meeting

Referral criteria:

  • The concerning sexual behaviour must have been properly investigated by the appropriate Children’s Services Social Work Team and/or Police, and any investigation and/or prosecution process completed.
  • Appropriate multi-agency meetings have taken place, i.e Strategy Meetings, Child Protection Conferences, Child Care Reviews/Planning Meetings, and/or Family Group Conferences

The child/young person:

  • Has an allocated Children’s Services Social Worker
  • Has accepted/admitted the harmful sexual behaviour to some degree and shown some motivation to participate in a programme of intervention. Exceptions to this may be considered where there is a strong external mandate following an initial assessment.
  • Is supported by a significant adult who is also willing to participate in the programme
  • Would need to be considered to be in a safe place to participate in the intervention programme.

An ongoing intervention programme cannot be offered to children/young people where there is a serious mental health concern, significant forensic concerns, or alcohol/drug problems which may interfere with their ability to participate in the programme.


Where appropriate Be Safe will offer consultations to Bristol based professionals, where direct work may not be indicated. In these instances professionals should contact Be Safe Service directly.



Be Safe provides training with regards to this area of work and as part of its Service Level Agreement provides Safeguarding Board training annually. Be Safe will consider providing other training on request, however this may need to be commissioned. Please contact Be Safe if you’re interested in further info.


External Commissions :

On a commission basis we will provide services to agencies outside of Bristol, see fee structure and Be Safe information leaflet.


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