PMHS Referral

Many professionals working with children and young people can access consultation and advice from a PMHS in CAMHS. For example schools, school nurses, social workers, Early Help in Bristol, First Point in South Gloucestershire, GPs and Community Paediatricians have existing arrangements under our core offer. A PMHS will only get to know children and young people’s names if a parent, carer, (or in some cases where it is age appropriate) the young person, has consented to this and we recommend this as the best way to have an informed discussion. Otherwise a consultation will be anonymous and confidential without mentioning names.

PMHS are located in each of the three CAMHS teams in Bristol: in North, South and East/Central and in the South Glos CAMHS team. Each CAMHS team has one or more PMHS and in Bristol these will usually relate primarily to either 5-11 year olds or 11-17 year olds. PMHS can be contacted at the CAMHS clinic in their area.