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CCHP Occupational Therapy Referral

CCHP Occupational Therapy Referral

The specialist paediatric Occupational Therapy service is designed to provide assessment and a range of therapeutic interventions for a wide range of children who have a complex, severe or enduring physical and or developmental condition that is significantly affecting their functional ability to achieve their potential in terms of activities of daily living. 

Type of problem

The types of problems presented by children include those who have functional difficulties due to a:

  • Complex;
  • Severe;
  • Or enduring physical and/or a developmental condition, which is significantly affecting their ability to achieve their potential in terms of daily living activities. 


North Somerset referrals

The referral criteria is currently under review. Referral is via the Single Point of Entry form.

For more information about the North Somerset Children's Occupational Therapy Service, please contact:

Drove House
Drove Rd
BS23 3NT

Tel: 01934 881306


Bristol and South Gloucestershire referrals

Anyone can make a referral to this service. Please use the Single Point of Entry (SPE) form (related documents - below) to make your referral.

All new referrals are jointly triaged by an Occupational Therapist (OT), Physiotherapist and Early Years Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) on a weekly basis.

If your child meets the referral criteria they will be offered an assessment. Depending on need, this may be a joint OT and Physio assessment (and if appropriate, will include an SLT), or you may be assessed by a single service.

In some cases we may request additional information about your child, such as a Functional Skills Checklist (see below).

Related documents:


What information is needed when you make a referral

  • Relevant history of the child concerned and description of present needs;
  • A description of how any medical or developmental condition is affecting the daily function of the child concerned;
  • A description of what the referrer hopes to gain from intervention from the OT service;
  • Information about other professionals and agencies involved with the referred child. 


Contact us

  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Referral Helpline - 07917 393196
    If you have a concern about your child’s movement, or ability to undertake everyday tasks. Available every Thursday between 9am and 12pm.
  • Email

​You can also visit the Children's OT Team page for more contact details.


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