Children's Continence Service - North Somerset

The Children’s Continence Service is a community-based service and consists of two specialist nurses who are experienced in children’s continence issues.  We hold clinics across North Somerset. This service is only available to children registered with a North Somerset GP

We provide assessment, treatment, support and advice to children and young people from age 4 up to 19 years with the following issues:

  • Delayed toilet training
  • Daytime wetting
  • Constipation/soiling
  • Night-time wetting


Age criteria

Children aged:

  • From 4 years old with delayed toileting
  • From 4 years old with daytime wetting
  • From 4 years old with constipation/soiling
  • From 5 years old with night-time wetting


Making a referral to the service

Referrals  to this service should be made by a health care professional (eg GP, paediatrician, school nurse, health visitor).

Once a referral has been received the information provided will be triaged by a specialist nurse and the parents/carers will be contacted by telephone to arrange an initial telephone assessment.

Following this assessment the parents/carers may be asked to complete bladder and/or bowel diaries specific to the referring reason.  If requested it is important that these are completed and returned within the given timeframe.  This engagement is an essential part of committing to the process of improving the bladder and bowel function.

A child/young person will be discharged from the service:

  • Once symptoms have resolved
  • Should the family fail to engage
  • If the child/young person requires onward referral

If you are a healthcare professional and need to refer a child to the Children’s Continence Service please complete the referral form below.