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Community Paediatricians Referral

Community Paediatricians Referral

The Service is available to children and young people where there are concerns about a child's health, development or educational progress.

Urgent appointments, often jointly with therapy colleagues, can be arranged where there are significant complex developmental concerns. 

The following general categories describe the children and young people who can be referred for specialist assessment and treatment:

  • Complex communication difficulties (including where Autistic Spectrum Disorder is suspected) (not isolated speech delay) 
  • Impaired motor function (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)
  • Impaired feeding - only in those we are already seeing for developmental disability 
  • Impaired sleep - only in those we are already seeing for developmental disability 
  • Complex continence difficulties
  • Concentration and attention difficulties, impacting on learning progress
  • Developmental impairments or at significant risk of developmental impairment (e.g. high-risk neonates)
  • Learning difficulties restricting access to learning activities or participation in school if educational psychology assessment of learning suggests medical assessment would be helpful. ( Not referrals with concerns about possible specific learning difficulties e.g dyslexia)
  • Prolonged absence from school on health grounds (>6 weeks)
  • Epilepsy/possible seizures only in children we are already seeing for developmental disability
  • Chronic unexplained symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue)
  • Children experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect (note child protection concerns should already have been reported to the statutory agencies ie CYPS prior to referral)

To make a referral please check the Care Pathway's below, complete a Single Point of Entry (SPE) Form and send to the address on the form. 

If you would like advice about a referral please contact the community paediatricians in the relevant locality team. 



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