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SSCLD Referral

SSCLD Referral

Before referring to the SSCLD, the following must have been carried out:

Direct assessment: The child or young person needs to have been seen in person and assessed by the referrer.

Intervention by frontline staff: Prior attempts will have been made by frontline staff (e.g. primary health care staff such as health visitors, school staff, school health nurses, CYPS staff) to resolve the child/young person’s difficulties.  Many children and young people can be helped in this way and generally it is better if the problems can be resolved at this level.

Referrals are accepted from:

  • Health Service Staff
  • Schools and Education Service
  • Social Workers
  • Voluntary Sector

How to refer

Please complete a Single Point of Entry Form (SPE Form - download from Clinicians section landing page) with as many details as possible and send to the address on the form.

Notification: Contact telephone number for Westgate House on the leaflet is in the process of being updated to 0117 3546801, Fax number 0117 4146992