Star Clinic Referral

What is the Star Clinic?

We see children and young people of all ages who have a genital condition that may need treatment. We also see children and young people of all ages who have recently or in the past been sexually harmed and may need care and treatment. 

The incidents disclosed by the children and young people may be in the relatively recent past (a minimum of one week) or may be events that occurred several years prior to the time of disclosure. Children who have disclosed a recent assault (less than one week) are managed under the acute child protection and forensic procedures.

We are here to look after your health with you and the other adults supporting you such as family, carers and social workers.

Star Clinic Information:

Sometimes situations happen that are private and difficult to talk about. We understand that coming to the clinic isn’t easy and may feel embarrassing. We are here to help, reassure you and will make sure that you are:

  • Treated with respect and dignity
  • Listened to
  • Not judged

What happens at appointments?

We treat everyone individually, adapting the appointment depending on what you need and we won’t do anything unless you agree to it.

Generally appointments cover the following areas:

  • Explain to you what your appointment is for
  • Explain what happens to the information from your appointment
  • Ask you a little about what happened (that relates to your health)
  • Ask about your life and your general health
  • Answer your questions
  • Talk you through any physical examinations that would help us to find out how we can help you (this will only be carried out if you agree).
  • Discuss any support needed after the appointment

What do I do if I am worried about my appointment?

Most people feel nervous about their appointment, this is normal and we want to do whatever we can to reassure you. The number for the Star Clinic is on the back of this leaflet, you or the adult bringing you can call us to discuss your concerns. You can also ask questions at the appointment or bring questions written down, whatever helps you to feel more comfortable.


Children are seen from the Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) area.

A multi-agency Strategy discussion, including a paediatrician, must have been held before referrals are accepted for those children with suspected sexual abuse.

This is not the case for those referrals for gynaecological skin conditions, eg Lichen Sclerosus, vulvovaginitis.

Referrals are received from:

  • Police
  • Children & Young People’s Services (CYPS) / Social Care
  • GPs
  • Consultants/Doctors from any Trust

Referrals are made either by telephone 0300 125 6900.

If a video interview has been undertaken by the police it is necessary to have a written summary of this before the child is seen. Similarly if CYPS have undertaken an assessment it is important to have a copy of this prior to the appointment.


Star Clinic - Contact Us

Community Children's Health Partnership
Eastgate House,
Unit 9, Eastgate Office Park
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Call: 0300 125 6900