Substance Misuse Treatment Referral

Referrals are through targeted young people services, early intervention services, GPs, Children & Young People’s Services and the Youth Offending Teams. A member of the team will arrange to see the young person referred, ideally in the company of the referring worker.

Criteria for referral

  • Must be aged between 12 and 18 years of age
  • Problematic misuse of substances(alcohol &/or drugs) causing concern to themselves or others
  • There is an identified need for a comprehensive assessment of substance misuse to ensure that there is a co-ordinated and integrated package of care.
  • Young people under 13 taking substances not usual for developmental age
  • Young person who has developed a physical and /or psychological tolerance to a substance
  • Young person who sees substances affecting their daily life and asks for support - use is causing physical, psychological, social or legal problems
  • Young person experiences a compulsion to use and has difficulty in controlling use
  • Young person is using substances in a high risk manner –likely to lead to overdose, child protection issues, danger to themselves or others, not responding to harm reduction work.
  • Dependent cannabis use
  • Poly substance misuse
  • Pregnant young women who misuse substances or at risk of misuse
  • Substance use is causing or contributing to health problems –weight loss, physical health complications
  • Substance use is contributing to acute mental health issues – mood changes, panic attacks, increased anxiety, paranoia, hopelessness
  • Experiencing other issues/problems (eg: learning disability, complex family issues)
  • At risk of exploitation
  • If a young person has been assessed by a targeted worker/service and requires longer-term (i.e. more than 6 sessions??) treatment/support. Please refer for a review of their ongoing support/intervention
  • If a young person is close to their 18th birthday they should be given choice as to where they receive treatment from an adult or young people’s services.- happy to discuss route of referral and access for young person 

How to refer

To refer to this service please contact 0117 3425729 for referral form or further discussion.

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