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CAMHS - Who You Will See

CAMHS - Who You Will See

On arrival you will be greeted by a receptionist who will confirm your personal details and ask you for the completed forms that will have been sent with your appointment letter. These will help us to evaluate our service and so it is really helpful if you can bring them to the first appointment.

The members of the CAMHS team include child and adolescent psychiatrists, clinical child psychologists, child psychotherapists, family and systemic psychotherapists and specialist nurses. Some teams also have additional professionals such as occupational therapists or other qualified staff who are experienced in child and adolescent mental health.

These professionals all work with young people and their families who are experiencing the range of mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties, so you might be seen by any of the above for your first (Choice) appointment or for following (Partnership) appointments.

Sometimes a particular clinician from these different professions offers specialist treatment. Your Partnership clinician will have discussed and agreed with you if this is the right way forward.