Preparing For Adulthood

The Bristol Transition Vision  (Reference: Transitions Strategy 2013-2015, Bristol City Council and NHS England)

Our Aim is that Bristol Young People will benefit from a good transition process into adulthood. Bristol agencies will work together with young people and their families towards maximising their independence, based on young people's own aspirations for social inclusion, education, employment and quality of life.

Young People and their families will be supported from early teens into their early adulthood by services working together to maximise independence, by:

  • Promoting service user and carer independence
  • Maximising opportunities for people to live at home
  • Reducing the use of residential and nursing care
  • Developing personalised services

Health professionals working within the Community Children’s Health Partnership “should ensure young people are supported through the transition process from children’s to both acute and community adult health services, in liaison with other agencies. Preparations for transfer need to be phased over a period of time to allow young people to adjust”.


Preparing For Adulthood