Children's OT - What Next

Your First Appointment

At your first appointment with your therapist, we will ask you and your child about the specific areas they are finding difficult and the impact this has on daily life. Further information is gained by observing your child completing different sorts of practical everyday activities, as appropriate for their age. This may include;

  • Play skills
  • Fine motor skills and the child’s ability to carry out self-care tasks such as dressing and using cutlery and activities such as using a pencil and scissors
  • Gross motor skills and the impact any difficult in this area has on performance in school and participating in leisure activities

Your first appointment typically will last for about an hour.

Following your First Appointment

Following the initial assessment and discussions with you, we will form an individual plan focusing on how best to help support your child, which will be in-line with our core offer. This could include:

  • Ideas to take away and try. 
  • A home or school programme to help develop skills
  • A school visit
  • Further assessment
  • Block of intervention (this could be on a group or one-to-one basis)
  • Referral onto another service, such as Physiotherapy

If specialist equipment is required this can also be discussed with you, and if appropriate with your childs school.

Following the assessment or therapy sessions, a report will be written and sent to you and to the person who referred you. This report could be copied to your school and other relevant health professionals with parent or carer's agreement. If your therapist needs to discuss this information with other professionals, this will be discussed with the parents and the child.


Children's OT - What Next