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Children's SLT FAQs

Children's SLT FAQs

The Speech & Language Therapy Service seems to have changed. What is the back ground to this please?

From 1 April 2017 the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Service is delivering a new 'core service offer' as commissioned by Bristol and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The emphasis of our new service is:-

·         Easier and quicker initial access to a Speech and Language Therapist.

·         Giving parents, and those who work with children at pre-school and school, information and resources about how they can best help a child's communication.

·         Practical training and demonstration for parents and professionals working with children.

We have some exciting new additions to our service including:

·         Regular drop-in clinics at school, clinics and Children's Centres.

·         A weekly phone advice line.

·         A rolling programme of therapy groups (up to the end of Year 2 in South Gloucestershire)

·         Workshops and training sessions for parents and professionals.

·         A Link Speech and Language Therapist for every school.

All children assessed by the service will receive a written report with recommendations and sign posting to appropriate resources.

How do I contact the SLT Service?

You can either call our Advice Line every Wednesday between 9am and 12pm on 07825 016335 or email us at

Who is my School Link SLT?

Your school SENCO will have the details or you can call the Advice Line (Monday or Wednesday between 9am and 4pm on 07825 016335) or email us at