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You can find lots of useful resources and tools on this page to support language and development. 

Talk To Me campaign

You can support your child's language development by chatting, singing, playing and reading to them throughout the day. Our Talk To Me campaign offers tips on ways to interact with your child so they can develop their communication skills.

Making time to chat, play, share books and sing together with your child will support their language development and can be lots of fun too! When is your best ‘together time’?

‘Talk to me!’ cards

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Read pdf link







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Chat with me pdf link







Talk to me poster

Talk to me leaflet

‘Chat, Play, Read’ - Better Health Start for Life Home Learning Environment

Explore these ‘Chat, play, read’ resources for more ideas on supporting language at home: 

Chat Poster
Play Poster
Read Poster
Start for life
Learning to talk

Information videos and bitesize tips

Your child loves chatting, playing, sharing books, and singing with you. Check out our short information videos and bitesize tips to help you make the most of your ‘together time.’

Chat with me

Play with me:

Share books with me!

Watch the short video for some quick tips on sharing and retelling stories with your little one.

Sing with me! 

Confident commuinicators 

For more ideas check out our full playlist.

Parent workshops and groups

In some areas, we offer online workshops and attend face to face groups in children’s centres. Ask your local children’s centre, health visitor or nursery setting for more details.

Look out for: Baby Talk and Toddler Talk online workshop for parents/carers

Bristol Children’s Centres: Tots Talking groups for parents of 2-year-olds with delayed language; Five to Thrive groups, Under 5s Hubs and other children’s centre groups

More ideas, fun tips, and useful links

Here are some useful websites for more information, ideas, and fun tips:

Tiny happy people
Speech and laguage UK
Words for life
Literacy Trust

Start for Life learning to talk tips

Find out what’s on at your local children’s centre:’

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South Bristol:


East Bristol:


Central Bristol:


Bristol children's centre registration form

North Somerset:


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South Gloucestershire:


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Autism Assessment

For more information on Autism Assessment, visit this page

'Talk to Me!' resources