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Training for Professionals

Our speech and language therapists run a number of training courses for professionals, both in early years and at school age. Please check you are looking at the appropriate course for the age of your child. See details and leaflets below.


Early Years


Adapted More than Words (Hanen)

Adapted More Than Words empowers you to help children with social communication difficulty (with or without a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition). 

This course will be useful if you have a target child in mind giving you ideas to support:

  • Improved social communication and back-and-forth interactions
  • Improved play skills
  • Improved imitation skills

This adapted Hanen course runs over 6 weeks, including 4 interactive teaching sessions and 2 video feedback session in your setting, to promote reflective practice. See more at

East and Central Bristol

North Bristol

South Bristol


Learning Language and Loving It (Hanen)

Learning Language and Loving It will support early years workers to develop their everyday interactions with all children, in order to maximize language learning opportunities. This Hanen certified course runs over 11 weeks, including 7 interactive teaching sessions and 4 video feedback sessions in your setting. The Learning Language and Loving It program was designed to provide early childhood educators with practical strategies for helping all children in the classroom build language and social skills, no matter what their learning and communication styles are, and even if they have special needs from

East and Central Bristol

North Bristol

South Bristol


Speech Sounds for Practitioners

This is a course for practitioners working with pre-school children looking at speech sound development and giving ideas on supporting children’s speech sounds.

East and Central


Identifying and Supporting Children with Speech Language and Communication Needs



I Can Training

This course is aimed at Early Years Practitioners, Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and Family Support Workers who want to increase their knowledge of the approaches and strategies that can be used in settings to support the development of speech, language and communication in children aged 0-3.



School Age


Introduction to Speech, Language and Communication

An introduction into the different areas of speech, language and communication, where difficulties can occur and how to support students with SLCN for all school staff.

Implementing PECS for Professionals

A course for how to use PECS throughout the day to enable communication.  For school staff working with students who have ASD and/or Social Communication Difficulties, and are non-verbal or using limited language.


Getting Started with Signing for Professionals

An introduction to sign language for practitioners working in schools.

Implementing Signing

How to use signing functionally throughout the school day to promote communication.  For all school staff who have some previous signing training.


Vocabulary Development

An introduction to supporting students with recall and word learning difficulties.  Includes the importance of pre-teaching of curriculum vocabulary.  For school staff working with students who are able to talk in sentences but have difficulties with vocabulary or word retrieval.


Information Carrying Words

An introduction to Information Carrying Words (ICW’s) and how to adapt communication and activities to a child’s level of understanding.   For school staff supporting students who have difficulty following simple instructions.


The Communication Environment for Schools

How to make schools and classrooms communication friendly environments including using visual support for SENCo’s/ senior leadership team/teachers.


Visual Scaffolding

An introduction for school staff in how to support students to develop their sentence structure and grammar.  Includes shape coding and colourful semantics. 


Higher Level Language for Professionals

An introduction for school staff working with students who have difficulties understanding questions, abstract and non-literal language. Suitable for school staff working in primary and secondary settings.


Narrative Development

For school staff supporting students who have difficulty with sequencing, recalling and retelling events/stories.  Suitable for school staff working in primary and secondary settings.


Speech Sounds

An introduction to the development of speech sounds and how to support students with speech sound difficulties for all school staff.