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Training for Professionals

Training for Professionals

Our speech and language therapists run a number of training courses for professionals, both in early years and at school age.  See details and leaflets below.


Early Years


Adapted More than Words


This is a free 4 week training programme for Early Years Staff working in Bristol with a child with Autism or Social Communication Difficulties

  • East and Central Bristol (Dates TBC)
  • North Bristol (Dates TBC)
  • South Bristol (Dates TBC)


Learning Language and Loving It


This is a free 7 week Hanen based training programme for Early Years Staff working in Bristol that promotes children’s social, language and literacy development.

  • East and Central Bristol (Dates TBC)
  • North Bristol  Sept-Dec 2019
  • South Bristol (Dates TBC)



School Age 


These courses are being run for school staff in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

All courses listed below are: Free Speech and Language Training for  LSAs, Teachers and SENCo’s working in Bristol and South Glos Schools.


The Communication Environment for Professionals


How to make schools and classrooms communication friendly environments including using visual support. 


Higher Level Language


An introduction to supporting auditory memory difficulties and understanding of questions and abstract language.  Includes BLANK’s levels of questioning .


Information Carrying Words – Understanding Language


An introduction to Information Carrying Words (ICWs), how to adapt communication and activities to a child’s level of understanding. 


Introduction to Speech Language and Communication Needs


An introduction into the different areas of speech, language and communication, where difficulties can occur and how to support students with SLCN. 


Narrative Therapy


An introduction to understanding narrative skills, narrative difficulties and narrative therapy.  Includes how to work on narrative skills within the curriculum.


Getting Started with Signing for Professionals


An introduction to sign language for practitioners working with children who would benefit from learning sign. 


Supporting Children’s Vocabulary Development


An introduction to supporting students with recall and word learning difficulties.  Includes the importance of pre-teaching of curriculum vocabulary.