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Community Paediatrics

Community Paediatrics

Community Paediatrics

Community Paediatricians are specialist children's doctors who have a particular expertise in the management of children with long term health problems which may have an impact on other areas of their life.

We undertake the assessment and treatment of children with developmental problems such as delayed milestones, learning disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).

We see Children in Care for their regular health check and we also see children for whom there are child protection concerns. We provide support to vulnerable children and their families, liaising with other professionals involved as appropriate. We also provide reports for children who require an Education, Health and Social Care Plan (formally the School Statementing Process). We also contribute to the process that takes place when a child dies unexpectedly.

We provide an individual service to each child and their family and as well as treating their medical problems, we work closely with colleagues in other parts of the health service as well as those in social and education services to ensure that children’s needs are met.

Community paediatricians will accept referrals of children and young people up until their 18th birthday. If a young person is at special school and over 18 years of age then they are still able to receive the service until they leave school.

This film describes the role of the Community Paediatrician in the life of two twins living with cerebral palsy and with one of the boys attending Claremont School in Bristol.