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Community Paediatrics - How To Get Help

With regret, we cannot accept self-referrals (from children and young people or parents/carers) at the present time. Parents should approach a professional from the list below to request a referral:

  • Health Service Staff
  • GPs
  • School health nurses
  • Health visitors
  • Consultants
  • Paediatric therapists
  • Children and Young People’s Services

Specialist Community Paediatric services are available to children and young people where there are (significant) concerns about a child’s health, development or educational progress. The following general categories describe the needs for which children and young people can be referred for specialist assessment and treatment:

  • Motor development - difficulties with posture and mobility, working with paediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Vision- working with ophthalmology services
  • Hearing - working with children's audiology
  • Communication - delayed speech and language development, disordered speech and language, delayed communication skills, working with speech and language therapists
  • Impaired feeding - working with speech and language therapists, working with dieticians, working with psychologists
  • Impaired sleep - after initial intervention by health visitor/school nurse
  • Continence - to exclude underlying bowel and bladder disorders and to treat and manage bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Impaired/restricted attention - when affecting educational progress
  • Developmental impairments or learning difficulties restricting access to learning activities or participation in school
  • Prolonged absence from school on health grounds (>6 weeks)
  • Epilepsy/possible seizures - when associated with developmental conditions
  • Chronic unexplained symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue)
  • Palliative care in life limiting conditions
  • Children at risk of harm (note child protection concerns should already have been reported to the statutory agencies, i.e CYPS prior to referral)