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Community Paediatrics - What Next?

The referral will be read jointly by two Community Paediatricians who cover the geographical area where you live to make sure it is suitable for our service.  
We may request further information before from the referrer, parents, or from the child’s educational setting before we are able to make a decision about whether your child meets the criteria for our service. This will be done with parental consent.
If your referral does not meet the criteria, we will write to the referrer, and where possible, we will advise the referrer of other services that may be able to help your child.  You will receive a copy of this letter.
If you would like to speak to someone regarding your child not meeting the criteria for our service please return to your referrer to discuss.  If your child has been accepted to see a Paediatrician, a letter will be sent to the parent/carer to notify them they have been accepted.  The letter states that your child has been added to a waiting list and will notify you of an approximate waiting time.  Parent/Carer will be notified by writing approximately 5 to 6 weeks prior to an appointment with an offer of an appointment date, time and venue where you and your child will see one of the Paediatricians.  It maybe  that you will see a junior doctor who is training to be a consultant.  This doctor is fully supervised and works alongside the consultant. 
When you come to the appointment, please bring your child’s ‘Red Book’, and any relevant reports you wish to share with us.
Children are usually seen in a Children’s Centre or Hub in a clinic environment in the area where they live. On occasions, you may be asked to travel to another clinic.  Some children are seen within their special schools.
All patients will normally have their height, weight and blood pressure measured before seeing the doctor. Whilst most younger children are seen with their parents/carers, older children are sometimes offered the opportunity to see the doctor alone for part of their appointment.
Parents/carers are sometimes seen without the child in the room for part of the appointment.
Medical students may be in attendance. If this is the case, you will be informed of this, and we will seek your consent.