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Community Paediatrics - North Somerset

Community Paediatrics - North Somerset

The team consists of doctors and nurses who provide out of hospital care for children and young people. They also carry out a range of statutory duties in relation to child protection, medical advice for special educational needs, and health assessments of Children Looked After and children who are in the process of being adopted.

The Community Paediatric Team work collaboratively with colleagues in general paediatric teams and with other CCHP clinicians. These include CAMHS, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists,  Speech and Language Therapists, Public Health Nurses, and third sector agencies.

The role of the paediatric service involves prevention, identification, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and support. Many will also have specialist skills/interests in addition to their general work (e.g. adoption; neurodisability).


What we do

The team have an expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Children with developmental difficulties or disability
  • Safeguarding children
  • The impact of health problems in educational settings
  • Children and Young people with neurodevelopmental conditions (autistic spectrum disorders and complex learning difficulties, ADHD)
  • Children living in Special Circumstances – e.g. children looked after by the local authority, asylum seekers etc
  • Medical input to the adoption process

The paediatric service has excellent links with the schools, special schools and other services in North Somerset.


Who we help and where we work

Children aged from birth to 18 years (19yrs in exceptional cases) may be seen in a variety of outpatient clinics including at Drove Road Children’s' Centre, The Barn, Clevedon in North Somerset  special schools.