Down's Syndrome

Down's Syndrome, or Down Syndrome as it is also called, is a genetic condition usually diagnosed during pregnancy or at birth. Around one in every 1000 babies born in the UK are born with this condition.

Down's Syndrome is known to be associated with some level of learning disability and characteristic physical features. Everyone with Down's Syndrome is a unique individual, sharing family characteristics more than anything else. It is not inherited and it is not a disease, it occurs due to a chance happening when conceived.

If your child is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, your neonatologist in hospital will provide you with information and automatically refer you to a community paediatrician, who will try to see you as soon as possible.

The community paediatrician provides on-going support and information, co-ordinate's relevant medical screening and referrals to relevant professionals and support groups.

There is a wealth of information about the condition on NHS Choices and the Down's Syndrome Association - please visit the website links on the right hand side.

Down's Syndrome