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Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse PartnershipThe Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is an evidence-based, licensed, preventive programme offered to young mothers having their first baby. It begins in early pregnancy and the aim is to improve the future health and well-being of the child, as well as support parents in planning for their future. The programme is delivered by qualified Nurses who have had additional training to enable them to work effectively with young people and their baby’s.

The FNP is a preventive programme that begins before your child is born and continues until your child is 2 years old. Once on the programme you will access maternity services alongside the FNP programme. Following the birth of your baby you will receive the Healthy Child Programme (usually delivered by the Health Visitor) from your Family Nurse until your child is 2 years old and the FNP Programme is completed when you will transfer back to the Health Visitor.

FNP is a licenced programme which is based on many years of research. By replicating the programme we can be confident that the benefits to children and families that were found in the research are likely to be found in the families we work with. The licence ensures that the FNP programmes across the UK are well replicated.

Find out more via this video which was produced with a client and outlines her story.