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Feeding Concerns

Feeding Concerns

If you are a parent concerned about your 1-5 year old child's appetite or eating habits please speak to your health visitor. If your child is in school, please speak with your school nurse or GP. Initially, they will review your child's weight with you and let you know if any action needs to be taken or not.

For those under 5, it is common for parents to have concerns around feeding. It is very possible any concerns can be easily adressed with support from your health visiting team only. This may be for 'fussy eating', infants that are struggling to accept solids, children who are exceeding thier expected weight, or losing weight.

As part of the National Child Measurement Programme all children in reception and in Year 6 will have a growth and weight review with the school health nursing team. The school health nursing team are available for support and advice around healthy weight at any stage however, please explore the school health nurse pages for more information.

If any issues are ongoing after this initial support then other available options will be dicussed with you, which may be ruling out any medical causes or accessing community groups for those in a similar phase.

CCHP services that may be involved:

  • Health Visitors
  • School Health Nurses
  • Community Paediatrics
  • Primary Infant Mental Health Services (PIMHS)

Other Community Services that may be involved:

  • Healthy Weight Nurses
  • Alive 'N' Kicking Bristol

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