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Gender Identity

teenagersIf you are a young person unsure about your gender, you are not the only one. Like adults, teenagers can experience a range of feelings about being male or female, or maybe feeling that you are both.

Please speak to your GP about your feelings, if you both feel it is worthwhile, they can refer you to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for an opportunity to speak this over with someone who will not judge you, but help you build confidence in your identity. CAMHS is a specialist service that specialises in supporting people in their emotional wellbeing.


Mermaids is a support group specifically for children and young people who are trying to cope with gender identity issues. You can call the Mermaids telephone helpline on 020 8123 4819 (open Monday to Saturday, 3pm - 7pm) for advice, information and help.


Childline, the children and young people’s helpline, is there for anyone who wants to talk about a problem in confidence. Call 0800 1111.


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