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How to Get Help From a Health Visitor

How to Get Help From a Health Visitor

Every family with a pre-school child (aged 0-5 years) is allocated to a Health Visitor team. 

Your midwife will automatically refer you to a Health Visitor. If you move to a new area - when you register with a GP you will be given a new Health Visitor.

Your Health Visitor will help you and your family to be healthy, both emotionally and physically. They will provide practical support and confidential health advice.

Your health Visitor will meet you when your new baby is between 11-14 days old. After this you will meet your Health Visitor for routine reviews at 1 year and 2-2 ½ year. Your Health Visitor may meet you more often if you need some extra help and support. You can refer yourself into the service if you require some advice or support at any time.


Drop-in clinics

All health visitor teams run drop-in clinics - please ask your health visitor or GP receptionist about details of where and when these are held. 

At the drop-in clinic you can discuss any issues you may have with your Health Visitor and have your baby weighed.


Contact a health visitor in Bristol

Our teams are based throughout the city of Bristol. We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Not sure which is your local team? Use the postcode checker tool below to find out.