Health Visitors - Who We Work With

Health Visitors are involved in the local delivery of the national Healthy Child Programme (Department of Health).   The aim of the Healthy Child Programme is early identification and prevention of any family health problems.   All families will be offered an initial Family Health Needs Assessment. This assessment will help you and your Health Visitor to plan what level of Health Visiting Service you need. This may be:  
  • Community

The Health Visiting Service will provide information about local services for families and support you to access them.

  • Universal

In additional to Community Service all families are offered a range of health-enhancing activities through the Healthy Child Programme including immunisations and health reviews. Priorities include breastfeeding and the promotion of children’s emotional and physical health. 

  • Universal Plus

If you have a specific concern for example post-natal depression, domestic abuse, child behavioural concerns, weaning, you can contact your Health Visitor team to access individual help.

  • Universal Partnership Plus

Sometimes families need a period of support from the Health Visiting Team. This may be related to more complex issues. The Health Visiting Team may work with other agencies and organisations in order to support you and your family

Health Visitors - Who We Work With