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Healthy Weight - What Next

Healthy Weight - What Next

What next

We mainly deliver our service to families in their home or at school. Clinic appointments could be offered if space is available.

At the first appointment we would like you to tell us about your concerns and then we will undertake an assessment and jointly identify lifestyle behaviours that you would like to be supported to make a change.

Goals will be agreed and discussion about how you can achieve these will be lead by you under our guidance. This appointment generally takes 1 hour.

We will agree to meet again to review how you have progressed and this appointment is likely to be within 1-2 weeks. Our service generally offers up to 9–12 appointments over a 12 month period. We would also request that a weight of your child can be taken at the beginning, 6 months and then at 12 months prior to discharge.

Topics covered during our visits:

  • What constitutes a Healthy Diet?
  • How to read food labels and make healthy choices
  • Recognising portion sizes for all age groups with in the family
  • How to make sugar swaps
  • Menu planning and budgeting
  • Emotional Eating
  • Physical Activity and what facilities or programmes are running in your area

To support this work we have numerous leaflets and practical resources we can provide you with to help you make these changes. In addition we can show you useful websites, mobile apps and direct you to local community services to help you maintain your lifestyle changes.

We would ideally want to work with parents, siblings and extended family alongside the referred child recognising the whole family needs to support and embrace the identified behaviours to enable the intervention to be a success.

Waiting times for our service

Waiting times can vary but could be up to 18 weeks.