Neurological Conditions (Physio) (with delay or arrest in physical/motor development)

We work with children and young people that have neurological conditions such as- Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Head Injury. Please see NHS choices for more information on what these conditions are.

If you are a parent concerned your child may have a neurological condition

If you are a parent concerned your child may have a neurological condition, please look at NHS choices first, and then the best health professional to speak to is your GP to work out if testing is required, and to receive a diagnosis.

It may be that a neurological condition has been detected early in your newborn baby whilst they are receiving other specialist treatment, if this is the case a diagnosis will be handled by the hospital and your lead consultant.

If it is not something detected as a baby, diagnosis this will involve meeting with a community paediatrician and physiotherapists simultaneously.

Community Paediatrician and Multi-Agency Support

When referred to a Community Paediatrician, please expect an 'opt-in' letter within 8 weeks of receipt of the referral. When you receive this 'opt-in' letter please make contact as requested to arrange your appointment.

Physiotherapy is one of the main services with the CCHP involved in treating neurological conditions alongside Speech and Language therapy (SLT), and Occupational Therapy. There is a separate section dedicated to explain the SLT work with those with neurological conditions, and more details about physiotherapy support below. Please explore the SLT and Occupational Therapy sections from the menu options on the right hand side.

Following assessments, all the professionals working with you or your child meet together within six weeks of the assessment. They will work out, and co-ordinate a package of care and services to meet your child’s individual needs, and contribute to any necessary reports or recommendations. This was previously a Statement of Special Educational Needs. As of September 2014 this will be replaced with an ‘Education, Health and Care’ plan. Education, Health and Care plans will still say what support you need to get the most out of you/your child’s education, but it will also include any support that may be needed health services or social care.

Following the meeting of professionals, you will be invited to attend a family support meeting to meet with the professionals involved and have any questions answered. Family support meetings, and co-ordination of the team around the child (which may include health, education and social care) will continue to happen.

Physiotherapy Support

For those with a diagnosed neurological condition, the physiotherapy team aim to see you for an assessment within three-six weeks on receipt of referral. This will include videoing your child to assess their base-line abilities.  

Following an assessment, you will be seen two-three weekly, With a programme for care involving  teaching carers and assessment of specialist equipment needs. Any necessary further referrals (e.g – Occupational Therapy or Orthotics) will also be made. Depending on your condition this will be reviewed 2-3 monthly.

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Other CCHP services that may also be involved:

  • Community Paediatricians
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Health Visitor
  • School Health Nurse
  • Occupational Therapy

Neurological Conditions (Physio) (with delay or arrest in physical/motor development)

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