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Sleep Concerns

Sleep Concerns

If you are a parent concerned about your 1-5 year old child's sleeping patterns, please speak to your health visitor. It is very possible that any concerns can be easily adressed with support from your health visiting team only, it may involve a few simple pointers following discussion, or having a few home visits from a member of the health visiting team to work out together why this is happening.

If any issues are ongoing after this support from the health visiting team, then they will discuss other options with you which may be accessing community groups, or gaining advice from a primary infant mental health specialist.

If you are a parent concerned about your child’s sleep and they are over 5, or if you are a young person suffering from chronic sleep problems, please discuss this with either your school nurse or GP.

CCHP services that may be involved:

  • Health Visitor
  • School Health Nurse
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services / Primary Infant Mental Health Specialists
  • Community Paediatricians