Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disabilities

The Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disabilities (SSCLD), which is based at Woodland View, is part of a wider network of health, education and social services, supporting learning disabled children and young people with complex emotional, behavioural and/or mental health difficulties.

The SSCLD is comprised of a Bristol team and a South Gloucestershire team and each consists of:

  • Specialist Community Learning Disability Nurses
  • Support Workers
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Learning Disability Psychiatrist

Both teams have access to art, drama and music therapy services. 

Who we work with

The Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disability (SSCLD) works with children and young people with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities who have severe, complex and enduring developmental, emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties, which are leading to significant distress and/or functional impairment and which have not resolved with the usual primary interventions.

The SSCLD service accepts referrals of children and young people up to the year of their 18th birthday (or 19th if in full time education). 

If young people are nearing their 18th birthday we would anticipate their needs would be best met by adult services and would advise that they are referred to the Adult Community Learning Difficulties Team.

There is no lower age limit but the SSCLD would not become involved with a child until after the Community Child Health Team had completed an assessment of the child’s needs and his/her diagnostic and developmental status.

Video - The Radish Family is a film for the whole family about a young person called Radish and how and why he started working with the specialist service for children with learning disabilities. This film has been made with Lily, a young person who has used the service.

Download - Please note the contact telephone number for Westgate House on the leaflet is in the process of being updated to 0117 4146979.

Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disabilities