SSCLD - What Next? & Where You Will Be Seen

What Next

Once a referral has been made to us we will assess it and if appropriate, we will accept. We have an opt-in service where parents/carers are asked to contact us if they wish to proceed with an initial assessment.

A letter will be sent to you asking if you would like to opt-in to our service. You will have to contact us by a certain date, which will be in the letter. Once you opt-in, you will either be put on our waiting list or you will be sent an opt-in letter. You will be asked for any preferences over times/days of appointments. Following this assessment we can visit families at times that are convenient to them (within our working hours of 9-5).

How long do appointments last?

The initial assessment is normally 1 hour 30mins. Appointments after that normally last for 1 hour.

What to bring with me?

Just bring yourself!

Who can I bring?

Initial assessments are normally just the parents/carers, however the young person can attend.

Where you will be seen

We aim to see you for appointments at a CCHP base or Children's Centre that is most convienient for you.

The bases we frequently tend to work from are Woodland View, Eastgate House and Illmister Childrens Centre - see 'Visiting CCHP' related link on the right of this page for more details about CCHP bases.

SSCLD - What Next? & Where You Will Be Seen