Working together, working with you

SSCLD - What We Do

The Specialist Service for Children with Learning Disabilities (SSCLD) works collaboratively with young people aged 0-18 (or 19 if still in full time education), their families, schools and other support services to make an assessment and suggest appropriate intervention with the aim of supporting families in improving their well-being.

It is not possible to give a full list of potential referral reasons but the following are some examples of difficulties which would be considered:

  • Aggression / Challenging Behaviour
  • Self-injurious behaviour
  • Children at risk of school exclusion and/or home/placement breakdown due to emotional and behavioural problems
  • Severe difficulties adapting to puberty and adolescence
  • Sexual behaviours of risk to self or others
  • Problems with sexuality or gender identity
  • Complex, severe, enduring continence problems including faecal smearing
  • Feeding and dietary problems
  • Severe or abnormal reactions to loss and bereavement
  • Severe / complex relationship difficulties leading to significant impairment of functioning or well being
  • Medical problems significantly impacting on emotional health and well being
  • Severe anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive problems
  • Low mood, self-esteem and depression
  • School refusal where mental health difficulties play a significant role
  • Offending behaviour where mental health difficulties play a significant role
  • Psychiatric disorders including psychosis