Young People's Substance Misuse

The Young People’s Substance Misuse Treatment Service known as ‘No. 38’ Southwell Street is a service available to adolescents aged up to 18 with substance misuse issues and complex needs. The service is delivered in line with the national treatment agency’s definition of treatment for young people. 

The overall aim of the service is:

To enable young people with substance misuse problems, including alcohol, to overcome them and to promote healthy and crime free lives through the provision of a range of physically, psychologically and culturally accessible services in a way that is acceptable to potential clients and consistent with accepted clinical governance. The service will work in close partnership with the other treatment providers.

What we do/ What to expect

The Young People’s Substance Misuse Treatment Service is for adolescents aged 18 and under with substance misuse problems. The service will be for young people with severe and complex substance misuse problems, and the aim is to help the young person to stabilise and ultimately abstain from drug use. The service will seek to provide additional support to those aged 18 as part of their transition to adult treatment services. The service aims to provide substance misuse treatment that is culturally appropriate and suitable to meet the diverse needs of the service user group.

Specific interventions will include: child centred assessments, brief interventions, specialist interventions (structured care planned multi-modal programmes), pharmacological management (e.g. opiate detoxification, substitute prescribing & harm reduction services), psychological therapies (e.g. counselling, brief solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing), outreach support and where appropriate, work with families. All work will be delivered within an integrated multi-agency care planned approach.

We deliver a mixture of office-based sessions and outreach sessions. The young people can be seen in their places of education, GP surgeries, and local agencies offices as well as at home, once a risk assessment has taken place. Working with these groups of young people requires intensive reviews, close liaison with a range of agencies, with families if available and close supervision of substitute prescribing if required.

Useful Links

Both of the sites linked below feature real-life accounts of issues surrounding social life and relationships, consulting health professionals and treatment, and the effects of substance misuse on work and education.

Youth Health Talk enables young people, their family and friends, and professionals such as doctors and teachers to understand young people's experiences of health, illness and life in general.

For further information regarding the effects and risks of substances, please visit:

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Substance misuse - Patient Quote

She listened to everything I had to say and was very helpful in helping me find solutions to my problems

January 2012

Patient Quote - Substance misuse

Was good and helped me out a lot

December 2011

Young People's Substance Misuse