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Luci, a member of the team at Barnardo’s HYPE embarked on a project, between July and October 2016, based around the topic of children and young people’s rights in healthcare.

The project “Rights on the Road” involved engaging both professionals and young people in conversation around young people’s rights, and promoting the work produced by the NHS England Youth Forum.

She visited areas of the CCHP, supporting and educating professionals on the rights which young people have, and how they can implement them into their day to day practice.

Who decides what happens to me poster

The series of posters were created by the young people of the NHS England Youth Forum in order to educated their peers on their rights in healthcare.


Find out more about the forum here or on social media @NHSYouthForum


To see the other posters have a look at the attachments at the end of this page.


Want to know more about young people’s rights? 

Check out - http://www.getyourrights.org/ 


- Created by the NCB and the Council for Disabled Children – Get Your Rights is an accessible website designed specifically for disabled children and young people and those with SEN to help them understand their rights and navigate the health system.


There’s also information and resources available for parents/carers and professionals 



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