CCHP Family Stories

Barnardo's have worked in partnership with parents to gather accounts and experiences of families when they have a child living with certain conditions.

These family stories aim to give understanding of the journey (and care pathway) to access services, receive a diagnosis through community paediatricians, and support and further involvement from the relevant professional teams. They give an open and honest insight into the positives and challenges for parents in both accessing the services, and in working with the professionals supporting families to experience life to the fullest extent possible for their child.

For each individual living with a condition, and for each individual family the experiences will be very different in nature and therefore each account and each journey is experienced uniquely, and as such you may find your own experience may be very different, and may not reflect the family stories here.

The Community Children's Health Partnership would like to express our thanks to all the families involved in sharing their experiences, and for the related artwork pictured above, which is on display at Barton Hill Settlement.

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