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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

These are some of the ways you can get involved with the Community Children's Health Partnership, and you can also find out how you can have your say here.


Children, young people, parents and carers help us with interviews to employ health staff. Involving you will help us to choose the right person for the job. Barnardo’s supports a young person’s or parent’s interview panel which runs alongside the professional panel. At the end of the interviews everyone meets to help select the right person. Training is provided and many young people and parents have commented that the experience has been very rewarding. 


Barnardo’s work with young people and parents to deliver training to health staff on participation. The training helps health staff to understand the importance of listening to and acting on the views of children and their families to develop better services and to involve you more in decisions about your care.


Having information that is easy to understand and tells you what you need to know is really important. Young people and parents have helped us produce service leaflets and this has helped to develop the website. We want to increase the use of digital technology to communicate with children and families and to help you communicate with us.


Children, young people, parents and health staff have all been involved in helping design and produce artwork for waiting rooms and clinic spaces in some of the health buildings in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The aim of this work is make health buildings more welcoming and attractive to provide a positive and reassuring environment for people to come to.

HYPE Recruitment 

Please see attached a video link for HYPE Recruitment here

If you want to get involved or just have some questions you can contact or ring 0117 580320. 

If you are interesting in being involved with HYPE, please see Barnardos website page.