Asylum and Refugee Clinic

Photograph of a drawing by SN © of his home village in Iran

ARC – the Asylum and Refugee Clinic – is a CAMHS specialist clinic that provides vital mental health support for young asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol who are in care.

This service is led by Anna Kälin, a child and adolescent psychotherapist and art therapist. Anna is joined by other CAMHS clinicians on a rotational basis.

ARC provides treatment for refugee children and young people who are impacted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and experiencing other mental health difficulties. What we can offer includes:

  • A pre-referral consultation to assess whether a young person is suitable for our service
  • An Initial Assessment for professionals and carers (this could also include the young person if appropriate)
  • CREATE group for Foster Carers
  • CREATE group for young people
  • Individual work with the young person
  • Transition work between CAMHS and adult services
  • Consultation to other services

The CREATE group – Coping and REcovery After Trauma Experiences – is a psychoeducational group for understanding PTSD and its symptoms. More information about this group can be found in the leaflet below, as well as a leaflet on PTSD.

If you think a young person is in need of our service please fill out the referral form (below) and send it to

ARC – Contact Us

Thinking Allowed, 
Barton Hill Settlement,
Joan Johnson House,
46 Ducie Road,
Barton Hill,

0300 124 5944

Asylum and Refugee Clinic