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Document library

Document library

This page contains links to document templates used in our assessment process, as well as further information about our assessment process. Please only complete and submit documents if explicitly requested to do so by the service.

Coming to the Hub Knowle Leaflet: Directions and further information about the Autism Assessment Hub in Knowle.

Direct Assessment Information for Schools: Details for Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCos) and teachers of what to expect when we carry out an Autism assessment in school, and the provision we will need for this. 

Request to SENCO for Information for ASD Assessment: Details of what information we will require from SENCO or teacher once you have been notified by us that the child or young person has reached the top of the list for an Autism assessment.

Short Update Form Request to School: Top up Social Communication Assessment Questionnaire sent to school once child / young person has reached the top of the list for Autism assessment.

Developmental History pre-assessment questionnaire: This document will be emailed to families in advance of an appointment being made for a Developmental History review. Please only complete if requested.