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Children's SLT - How To Get Help

Children's SLT - How To Get Help

If you have concerns about your child’s Speech and Language Development, you can contact our service in the following ways:


All ages

  • Call the Speech & Language Therapy Advice Line on 07825 016 335, every Wednesday from 9am-12pm - throughout the year, including school holidays (excluding Bank Holidays). 
  • Email the team at with your query and someone will reply with information about what to do next.

These are the quickest ways to access initial advice.

If you wish you can make a referral to the team using the Single Point of Entry form (related documents, below). We aim to see children within 18 weeks of receiving a referral form. It will often be quicker to access a pre-school or school-age SLT Drop-in session (see below). Sometimes children who are referred via a Single Point of Entry form will be directed to a Drop-in session.

If you have concerns about your child’s social interaction or feel they may be showing signs of Autism, please visit the pages relating to our Autism Assessment services


Pre School Children (Aged 0 - Preschool)

Please call your local area Early Years telephone drop-in session. You do not need to book. These are held on different days in each area of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Bristol Early Years Drop-ins run weekly during term time but please look out for our adapted offer for the summer holidays – EY telephone drop-in information




Telephone Number

South Gloucestershire


9:30am – 12:30pm

01454 862438

East and Central Bristol



9:30am – 12pm

0300 125 6904

South Bristol



0300 125 6279

North Bristol



0300 124 5832


If you wish to make a direct referral to the Early Years Speech & Language Therapy service, please have a look at our Referral Criteria and if you feel the child meets the level of need required, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Find out more about how speech & language develops and what you can do to help

Confident communicators 

Learn about how we can support language development and help children get started with their talking
Confident Communicators - YouTube

Sorting Out Sounds 

Learn about speech sound development and provide strategies to support clearer speech
Sorting Out Sounds part 1 - YouTube
Sorting Out Sounds part 2 - YouTube

Family Drop Ins, Information Sessions and Advice Line

Our speech and language therapists run a number of different drop in and information sessions for parents and their children.

School Age Children:

All local state schools and academies have a Link SLT. This includes the Special Schools and Units. Your school SENDCo will have their contact details – or you can call the Advice Line or email us to find these out. The Link SLTs will be offering some local drop in clinics. Please contact your child’s teacher or school SENDCo for dates and details.

Children who live in Bristol and South Gloucestershire who attend private schools in this area will be seen at the Health Centre local to their school – please contact us if you need further information.

Children who are home educated will be seen at their local Health Centre.


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