Think Big Dream Big


Think Big Dream Big builds on an event organised by Barnardos HYPE service in October 2018. Service leaders from across CCHP, from Sirona care & health, AWP attended the event.

Think Big Dream Big identified the views of young people from across Bristol & South Gloucestershire and from all walks of life on how health services could improve.

Barnardos HYPE service continues to support the participation network involved in this event.

This is a list of the different organisations, their views and links to their websites.


Barnardos HYPE Service

Barnardos supports young people who have used CCHP services as young people’s consultants. More information can be found here


Our Views On Mental Health

See our film and understand how important it is to have the best workers supporting young people with their mental health.


Listening Partnership

At the event Barnardos HYPE service ran a workshop on Being Understood In Schools.

The film Autism and Anxiety in Schools shares a similar view on how important schools are to supporting young people’s wellbeing.

The film was created by young people who attend the Listening Service supported by WECIL:


Careleavers United Bristol

Careleavers have developed a campaign about Loneliness & Isolation.



Mentality supported by “Off The Record” is a youth-led social action project that works to challenge the stigma, discrimination, and social inequality surrounding young people’s mental health.

At the event they shared the importance of recognising young people rights and entitlements.

R Voice Bristol Children in Care Council

R Voice Bristol children in care council supported by Reconstruct supports the participation of looked after children.

At the event the group shared a film explaining why body image is an important issue for the group.


Young Carers Voice Bristol & South Gloucestershire

The young carers ran a workshop at the event.

Here is a link to their youtube channel.


Bristol Shadow Safeguarding Board

The group shared how bullying is a key priority for young people and can have an impact on young people’s mental health


South Gloucestershire Youth Board

The group have shared with us how important it is to think about young people who need support who might not qualify for an EHCP but who still have support needs.


Bristol Youth Parliament

The Youth Mayors of Bristol addressed the event and said:

“We hosted a conference of our own at the start of this month discussing PSHE and one thing that came out of that was how important mental health is an issue to young people but also how there is a divide between what we need to learn and what we do learn”


Think Big Dream Big